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Common Christmas Tree Pests

The family Christmas tree is not only the focal point of a memorable holiday season, but also one of the easiest ways for uninvited pests to enter your home. Most of these critters are microscopic and harmless, but the ones listed below might require a visit from Tabor Services if they start causing trouble.

Spiders and Mites

Despite their diminutive size, mites can cause big headaches. Needle loss and red stains left on carpet and ornaments are two of mites’ more common transgressions. As for spiders, their history as one of nature’s chief fright-causers is well documented. The last thing some of your relatives want is to see one saunter out of your Christmas tree. If you see a spider on your tree, a good spider removal plan starts with checking for egg sacs so that freshly hatched spiderlings can’t get too comfortable in your home.

Praying Mantises

Praying mantises are fond of many types of trees, and they can be hard to spot due to their green color and spindly bodies. The best way to nip an infestation in the bud is to inspect your Christmas tree for light tan, walnut-sized egg masses. It takes a few weeks for these to hatch once inside your home, so you have some time to do a thorough search if needed.


These bugs are far less common than the other pests mentioned here, but they’re worth being aware of – especially if you’ve selected a spruce or pine for your Christmas tree. Adult sawflies are black and yellow but originate from brown cocoons detectable by the naked eye under close examination.


Aphids are harmless. A little frightening to some people, but completely harmless. These insects tend to inhabit the lower, main branches of a tree, whether we’re talking about a spruce, Fraser Fir, or evergreen. If you plan on ridding your home of an unusually large group of aphids, make sure not to squash them on furniture or carpet, since they’re prone to leaving a purple/reddish stain.

Tips for Pest-Proofing Your Christmas Tree

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