Keeping Pests Out Of Your Food Service Business

For more than 30 years, Tabor Services has provided professional pest control services to homeowners and businesses in Marion, IL and throughout Southern Illinois. We have an exemplary track record working with people and businesses of all backgrounds, including food service companies seeking exceptional pest prevention.

Which Pests Are Most Attracted To Food?

Keeping These Pests Away

Preventing these pests from impacting your foodservice business near Marion, IL requires diligence and a commitment to the following tried-and-true methods:

Why Choose Tabor Services?

Tabor Pest Services relies on the latest tools and technologies to help foodservice companies of all sizes achieve and maintain a pest-free environment. We understand the regulations and requirements of the foodservice industry, including restaurants and retail food establishments, and our experience allows us to customize a pest control solution to your specific needs. Contact our offices near Marion, IL for a free onsite quote and take the first step towards optimum safety and cleanliness.