Christmas Cookies

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free for the Holidays

Prepping your home for holiday visitors means decorating, cooking, and yes, pest control near Benton. The festive season is a memorable time, especially when the only guests in your home are the invited kind. Here are some tips for keeping uninvited pests out of the eggnog and away from your yule log.

Handle Cardboard with Care

A cardboard box is durable and handy, but it’s also a great hiding place for pests – especially if you’ve used the same boxes for several years. Cockroach control near Mt. Vernon is especially useful, considering that many roaches enjoy snacking on the glue holding the box together. Our advice is to unpack your cardboard boxes outside. Look for evidence of droppings or chewed decorations, and if you see it, throw the box away. In fact, moving forward it’s a smart move to invest in durable, sturdy plastic tubs that when sealed properly offer terrific protection against unwanted pests.

Inspect Your Greenery

The smell of evergreen, fir, and other assorted Christmas-time greenery is nothing short of wonderful. Unfortunately, pests like these things too, especially because there are hiding spots aplenty. Before bringing such decorations into your home, inspect your garlands and wreaths for pests. You might find the bugs themselves, and/or nest-like attachments and unhatched eggs that could create an infestation if not promptly destroyed.

Keep Food in Airtight Containers

Keeping food and leftovers in airtight containers is a good habit to get into throughout the year, but during the holidays it’s especially important. Airtight containers are an excellent form of ant and mice control near Marion, presenting a stalwart line of defense against critters wanting to dine on your candy, cookies, and various festive dishes.

Food Waste

Even if you’re not planning to whip up a seven-course meal every day between Christmas and New Year’s Day, you’ll likely cater or order a considerable amount of food and libations. In both scenarios, be sure not to leave food and crumbs out overnight. Discard all uneaten food and scraps, securely your garbage bags, and ensure your trash can is tightly closed. Check and see if the trash bins in your garage or near the driveway have any holes, and patch them up quickly. Rats, mice, raccoons, and other scavengers have a knack for gnawing through plastic in search of a meal.

Store Firewood Away from House

Another useful tip for pest-free holidays is to stack your firewood a reasonable distance away from your house. You may need to walk in extra four feet for a few more logs, but you’ll welcome the exercise and the fact that you’ve lessened the risk of insects using your wood as a conduit for indoor entry. Visually inspect logs before bringing inside to ensure a family of termites hasn’t hitched a ride.

Go Pest-Free This Holiday Season, and Every Season

For the last several decades, Tabor Services service has helped thousands of homes and businesses in Southern Illinois stay pest-free. Even a small infestation can escalate quickly, which is especially frustrating over the holidays. Rest assured our friendly, experienced team will pinpoint the source of your problem and provide a solution.