Why Termite Control is Essential to Protecting Your Home

Of all the things that can go wrong with a home, from a leaky roof to a bum HVAC unit to a clogged toilet, few things inspire as much terror as a termite infestation. And with good reason. Termites can do a ton of damage to the wood that holds up your home, resulting in pricy repairs and the very worst of homeowner headaches.

Here at Tabor services, we offer all sorts of insect control services, but termite pest control is among the most important of them. Those little pests can be a real nightmare, so we suggest investing in termite control for the following reasons:

#1 You Can’t Always See When Things Are Falling Apart

The worst thing about termite damage is that because it happens inside your walls, the damage could be incredibly widespread, and you’d have no idea. Termites do an estimated $5 billion worth of damage every year. Once they get going, it’s impossible to know that damage is even happening, which may be the scariest part.

#2 The Cost of Repairs Can Be Pricey

The average cost to repair termite damage in a home is about $7,000, though we’ve certainly heard horror stories of that number crawling up into the tens of thousands of dollars. Preventive termite services are much more affordable, obviously, making this a great case of spending a little now to save on much bigger expenses later.

#3 Termite Damage Can Affect Resale Value

Another way termite damage can hit your pocket book is in terms of resale value. A home with any sort of termite damage isn’t going to be worth anything close to what the appraiser may have valued it as before the inspection. Ensuring you have no termites is a sure-fire way to make sure your home sells for its true value.

#4 It Can Render a Home Unsafe

In the worst cases, the damage to the home can render it unlivable. If the termites do enough damage to the foundation of the home, it may be past saving. The financial losses in those cases are unthinkable, to say nothing of the safety concerns.

#5 Termites Can Worsen Allergies

Oddly enough, termite infestations can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Termites carry certain allergens that can be especially problematic for those with respiratory problems.

How Can Tabor Services Help?

Prevention will always be a better approach than reacting to damage, so our professionals will work to pretreat your home, making it harder for termites to access the wood they crave. The prefix “pre-” may make it sound as though this is something that should be done while the home is being built, and while that is possible, pre-treatment is available for existing homes, too. We can treat the soil around the home, for example, creating a shield between termite colonies and your house, and we also can use bait systems around the perimeter of the home to catch any termites that may get that far.

If you already have termites, we can eradicate them quickly and make recommendations for contractors that can help you begin repairing the damage. We hope our customers will take this threat seriously, and if you’d like our help, give Tabor Services a call any time and we’ll be there!