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Why Insulation is Key to a Comfortable Home

Home insulation isn’t everyone’s forte–say the words “crawl space vapor barrier” to the average person and they’ll probably look at you funny. But insulation is key to a comfortable home, and Tabor Services knows this as well as any home services company serving Mount Vernon. Read more to discover the benefits of home insulation:

Reduced Energy Consumption

A poorly insulated home puts undue pressure on your heating and cooling system in order to comply with the temperature set on your thermostat. As a result, surplus energy is wasted and your monthly energy bill goes through the roof. Keeping your home well-insulated ensures that heated or conditioned air stays inside and is used for your comfort, not waste.

Increased Comfort

Speaking of comfort, hot and cold spots are common problems in many households. A big reason for their existence is the home’s leaks and drafts, which create an over-exchange of outdoor and indoor air. Proper insulation installed by our home services provider allows for evenly distributed temperature throughout your house, eliminating annoying hot/cold spots and making everyone feel comfortable year-round.

Healthy Indoor Environment

When a home is poorly insulated, it’s a greater risk of experiencing fungi, mold, and mildew accumulation. These circumstances can pose serious risks to your family’s health. Along with having your HVAC system properly maintained, a well-insulated home is essential for a healthy indoor environment.

Less Noise

Insulation is an excellent noise absorber since it minimizes the transmission of noise through the walls of your home. So not only is your home’s temperature more comfortable, you get the added benefit of a good night’s sleep without having to worry about excess noise.

Fewer Repairs

Poor insulation puts a strain on all of a home’s HVAC components by causing them to operate for longer periods of time to meet a set temperature. Aside from a higher energy bill, this can lead to overheating, parts failure, and ultimately system breakdown. But by keeping your home properly insulated, you’ll say goodbye to expensive system repairs and help your HVAC system function efficiently and reliably.

Home Insulation and Pest Control

Last but certainly not least is the important role that insulation plays in a home’s pest control strategy. As we all know, pests need three things to survive: food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, your attic provides access to all three. Safe from predators and bad weather, rodents such as mice, rats, and squirrels thrive in an attic, where they can also do lots of damage. Whether they’re creating a fire hazard by gnawing on wires, destroying the belongings you’re storing in the attic, or contaminating the space with diseases spread through their waste, the sooner you evict these critters from your attic, the better. Tabor Services makes this happen with high-quality, pest-resistant insulation that keeps your attic comfortable for you but inhospitable for pests.

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From attic insulation to cellar insulation, Tabor Services has your insulation and home services needs covered. Put pest problems, high energy bills, and uncomfortable indoor temperatures in the rearview mirror by scheduling an appointment today.