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Why Spring is Important for Pest Management

There are lots of things to like about Springtime. However, it’s also the season that common pests reappear. Bees, ants, mosquitos, rodents, and more, all with a mind to eat and breed. While you’re out enjoying the warmer weather, give some thought to insect control and mice removal and how the professionals at Tabor Services can help.

Tips for Springtime pest management:

Properly Store and Dispose of Food and Waste

Pests can’t survive without food, water, and shelter, which is why gardens, garbage, standing water, and discarded food are popular hotspots. You can significantly decrease the chances of a pest infestation by following these tips for the storage and disposal of food and waste.

Moisture Control

Even a small pool of water or a slowly leaking pipe can generate enough water to attract springtime pests. These spots only get warmer and more humid as the calendar turns to Summer, creating prime conditions for pests to mate and produce eggs. Effective moisture control is necessary, and we recommend that you:

Protect Your Home’s Perimeter

Openings in your home’s perimeter provide the perfect entrance for unwanted guests. Our innovative spider removal techniques are a valuable asset, but we also recommend that you inspect your property and take the following steps:

Comprehensive Spring Cleaning

What would a typical Spring be without some spring cleaning? Start by wiping up food spills and making sure food items are safely stored, and then move into a full spring inspection and cleaning. For example:

Contact Our Licensed Pest Professionals Today

Where one pest goes, many follow–so the minute you lay eyes on a mouse, ant, or roach this spring, contact our professional pest control company. We’ll get things under control quickly, using the latest termite, beetle, and wasp control solutions to eliminate any chance of infestation.