Winter Mouse

Winter Pest Peril: What to Watch Out For

If you live in a part of the United States where everything slows down in winter, it’s easy to think that just because you and your family are hunkering down, pests are doing the same. On the contrary, winter is a busy period for Tabor Services and mice removal since these critters, along with spiders and rats, will tire of foraging for food in the cold and turn their eyes to your warm home and well-stocked pantry.

Wintertime Habits of Rodents

Some rodents, such as groundhogs and chipmunks, are hibernators. Others like mice, rats, and tree squirrels remain active. But though tree squirrels will rarely make a foray into a home, rats and mice are less cordial. When their food sources grow scarce and the temperature really starts to drop, these pests have no problem finding the nearest warm abode and getting cozy until the spring thaw.

Winter Habits of Insects

Believe it or not, spider removal in the dead of January is a real thing. That’s because many insects don’t just drop dead when it gets cold. If they did, you wouldn’t see them again when the weather warms up. There are a variety of insects, and all of them have developed methods for surviving winter weather. For example, even though male mosquitoes die during winter, the females store up fat and enter a stage called “diapause”, which is their form of hibernation. And while these pests are slumbering through the winter, plenty of other insects still go about their bug lives regardless of the changing climate. A variety of termites are known to be active throughout the year, and the same is true for cockroaches and spiders. Like rodents, these insects might target your home as a bountiful resource and comfortable temperatures.

Why is Your Home More Attractive to Pests in Winter?

Aside from the reasons we’ve already covered – food and warmth – there exist a few other factors that make your home an attractive winter destination for pests. Easy points of entry such as gaps under doors, dryer vents, and cracks or holes in your foundation are commonly exploited by pests seeking home entry. And since they don’t need to gnaw or dig their way in, it’s difficult to know whether you have a pest infestation – which is why it’s important to caulk and seal off these exterior entry points.

Pests, mainly spiders, can also gain access to your home by crawling up trellises, plants, or tree branches that contact your house. So it’s a good idea to have these things trimmed back periodically to eliminate this option of entry. Also, outside trash cans lacking secure lids provide a beacon of opportunity for pests, and to a lesser extent so can pet waste left in your yard. And once a pest gets inside, the availability of food sources such as crumbs, uncleaned countertops, and open boxes in the pantry are big enticements for mice and rats wanting to get comfortable.

Leave Pests Out in the Cold Today

Just because there’s a chill in the air or snow on the ground doesn’t mean you should let your guard down regarding pests. Whether you live in Benton, Harrisburg, or Marion, take advantage of the professional pest solutions offered by Tabor Services. We’ll handle the spider, mouse, and rat removal while you enjoy the holidays.